Waterfront Master Plan

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The Grand River is one of Brantford real estate's greatest natural assets. The Waterfront Master Plan Project is meant to showcase the history of the river as well as make use of its natural beauty. Natural features and trails are being improved and protected and the city is creating all new access points to public river properties. This means that if you're out for a walk during your lunch from an English course Canada or planning a whole day of hiking, this plan will create new outdoor opportunities in the area.

The Waterfront Master Plan was created during a Waterfront Summit in September of 2009. Four sessions discussed issues relating to parks, recreation, access and community; natural features, fish and wildlife habitat; shoreline conditions; and archaeology, heritage and culture. Participating in these meetings were members of local interest groups and agencies, committee council members, and the Waterfront Task Force and City Councillors. This includes those who represent an environmental Canadian trademark firm and those who represent the citizens of Brantford.

The project has moved forward since then with a workshop that was held in January to move the project into its final stages of planning. If you're looking to get involved in this endeavor there are many ways to do that. The Waterfront Task Force could use the expertise of people with knowledge of construction to average citizens who are interested in the potential of an outdoor adult hockey tournament on the river. The next community event is currently scheduled to happen in the middle of April. This is a community open house, which allows people within the city to view and comment on the master draft plan.

Included in the plans are mobility access points for people with disabilities, water access for many different activities, and the encouragement of a healthy ecosystem and the development of native trees. The Task Force also wishes to restrict the construction of buildings that will limit the view of the river and promote eco-tourism within the area. This is a project that will be enjoyed by residents of Brantford and visitors coming from real estate in Toronto Ontario or overseas for many years to come. This is a project that will create outdoor opportunities and seeks to sustain and improve the land that Brantford sits on. Eco-development is becoming a major issue with many cities from Toronto to Paris and Brantford will not be left behind.

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